New Home Buyers


New Home Buyers ChecklistDos:


  • Work with a Real Estate professional.
  • Prior to shopping for a home get pre-approved for your loan from Mitch Cochran.
  • Verify the cost of taxes and insurance before signing a contract.
  • Find out what you can afford, not just what you qualify for.
  • Check for criminal predators at
  • Get referrals for home inspectors and insurance companies from your mortgage professional.
  • Check the school districts in your area.
  • Drive through the neighborhood at different times of day.
  • Ask questions until you are 100% comfortable with the process.
  • Build a level of trust with the professionals you are working with.




  • Change your spending habits or credit profile after application (buy a car, furniture, etc.).
  • Quit or change your job.
  • Focus on interest or payment amounts only. Consider the "big picture."
  • Take advice from non-industry professionals.
  • Negotiate a "For Sale By Owner" without a Real Estate Professional.
  • Buy more home than you can afford.
  • Go it alone.


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